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Life and Other Matters – What really goes on in our nations schools? : March 22, 2011

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What really goes on inside our nation’s schools?  Why aren’t our kids learning and who’s to blame?  This week we have a frank and honest discussion about why our current educational system is not meeting our needs and goals.

Did you know your kid can’t be failed?  Even if he doesn’t do his homework or pass any tests.  Should teachers be given pay based upon performance?  Sherri and Renie are in the trenches every day dealing with kids, administration and bogged down bureaucracy.  It’s a sobering show as we find out from the front line just exactly what is wrong with education today.

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Links to what we talked about:

Click here for that Australian school answering machine message (Note:Probably not real)

What IS the No Child Left Behind Act? Click here for Wikipedia’s answer.

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