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Naturopath and Wisdom Coach Cheryl Townsley: December 17th, 2015

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How to survive the holidays and not pack on the pounds!
Naturopath and author Cheryl Townsley guests

Want to know how to survive the holidays without packing on the pounds? Naturopath and author of more than a dozen books including the newly-released Cooking for Life, Cheryl Townsley explains why we need things to be easy to be successful, why inflammation cause us so many problems and why water is so very important to our body.

Plus … why we need to be eating more fats (good ones!) and how to get rid of those cravings FAST!!

Click on the player below to listen to the chat with Cheryl and Pam

About Cheryl Townsley:

Cheryl knows first-hand what it is like to lose her health, finances, and business and be one step from losing her life. That ‘moment of truth’ shattered her perception of being invincible and successful.
Academia and Corporate Success faded into the background as she diligently sought to restore her health. That journey led to the creation of Lifestyle for Health (1990), authoring 15 books and working with tens of thousands of clients from around the world through the Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic.
Cheryl’s simple, practical approach landed her on media tours that took her around the world to over 1,000 television and radio shows as a regular guest and a host. Health collapse, depression and upside down finances are understood by all ages, in all countries!
The desire to empower leaders to balance their vision, work and health led toExecutive Coaching (2005). Leaders and Executives often think they can multi-task through life with ‘success’ . . . only to find that success is costing them their health, marriage, relationships and often, financial loss.
Wisdom Coaching (2014) combined Cheryl’s health expertise and her Executive Coaching experience to introduce wisdom principles that empower people to ‘prosper in health even as their soul (thoughts, decisions and emotions) prosper.’ Wisdom Coaching is offered through Webinars, Live Seminars, On-Demand Video Courses and One-on-One Coaching.

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